Week 1

I have started researching online about people who have already summited Mount Everest and their way of training. I have combined different methods of training and preparation. Some statements I use below are from stuff I have read. I am no expert and it’s not my own advice, before anyone starts thinking I’m Ant Middleton in disguise. Well, can’t help it.

Week 1 consists of some simple cardio exercises. This means I used my daily allowed exercise by running 5km every day for 6 days and then finishing off the week with a 10km run.

7 days of exercise and 40km ran. I felt better than I thought I would feel but as you can imagine my body is now telling me it needs a rest. I thought to myself, on Mount Everest I would not be able to rest when I feel like it or skip a day because I wasn’t feeling up to it. It’s all about mental and physical strength. When others can’t go on, you must lead the way and clear your head of the pain and tiredness that is stuck in your brain.

I am no way near that. It actually feels impossible at the moment to get that fit and prepared for the climb. But, it is still progress, even if I did have a rest day. This allows your body to recover.

It’s important to eat the right things too. I have changed my diet to a low fat, high protein intake. Eating whole foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking 8 litres of water a day.

Week 2 incoming…