Week 3

Week 3 started with the same routine of waking up and thinking how I couldn’t be bothered to do anything but I did anyway. Mental strength at it’s finest.

I continued to eat high protein and fibre foods with a very limited fat intake. So far, I have lost one stone and really starting to see my abs come through now. Biceps are a little bit bigger and that’s literally from just 3 weeks of training and eating and drinking the correct things. Still a long way to go!

Once again my training each day was a 5km run and continued my previous week home workouts.

I introduced more stair climbers and climbed until I could hardly sit down the next day. No pain, no gain right?

As lockdown in the UK continues, the more fed up I am getting about it all. Just stuck at home and can only go out for spontaneous trips to shops or your daily exercise. This week really tested my mental health and literally had to keep busy before I went insane! Was sick of the same routine. All about training your mind and I got by.

Roll on Week 4…