I have wanted to climb Helvellyn for ages now and never had the best weather the days I wanted to do it. Luckily, bank holiday Monday was perfect! I packed my things and headed for The Lake District.

I am going to take the Striding Edge route circular, which means you complete 4 peaks in one day as you head back to to where you started.

I must of parked a mile away from the start (youth hostel) and it get’s worse….£6.50 for parking. The walk to the youth hostel was very steep and already felt I made good progress in ascending. It was enough to make me forget about the expensive parking. I got to the youth hostel and continued to follow the route.

The route was taking me back on myself and I started descending. It does feel like you’re going the wrong way but continue and you’ll soon start to climb again. I was met with a sudden steep climb which felt like it was never-ending. It was a nice spring day, but also very windy. So far, it seemed like any other climb, a normal hike, eagerly awaiting to see what’s on the other side of the ridge.

It levelled out slightly and from there you can see the mighty Helvellyn that stands 950m tall. It looks very intimidating as you can just see little people climbing striding edge to get to the summit. I thought to myself ‘No way, I have to do that!’

I did have to.

I made my way to the striding edge with red tarn to my right. The views were extraordinary. Just making my way up to Striding edge, It turned more and more into a scramble. I was pulling myself up onto rocks, jamming my feet into little nooks to gain balance to proceed to the next rock.

I got on to striding edge and it is absolutely not for the faint-hearted. It is exposed in some areas and should not be attempted in wet and windy conditions.

I managed to get the striding edge footage on my GoPro. The video is below, enjoy.