Blencathra 2.0 (Sharp Edge)

Another weekend, another climb. This time I went back to The Lake District and Blencathra to finally take on Sharp Edge.

Luckily, the conditions was perfect and wasn’t like last time I came here with snow up to my chest. Literally, chose the perfect day. Sun was out, not a cloud in sight and temperature just touching 10 degrees.

Sharp Edge is a grade 1 scramble and not for those who have trouble with heights. So, that’s me then.

It is clear to me now about why people can freeze in panic when attempting this route. It involves physical climbing with nothing but sheer drops either side of you. This is also why it is quite popular with climbers, to get that adrenaline fix.

I made my up to Scales tarn and headed onto the path on the right to start the Sharp Edge scramble. Just looking up at the route can make you feel a bit dizzy. It is quite intimidating. As I made my way up to start the climb, I saw 3 climbers stop in front of me and turned back round. I don’t think they fancied it.

I had a quick glance from the start and was debating whether to turn back too. I didn’t.

On Sharp Edge, just looking down really gives you that sick feeling in your stomach. Taking each step very carefully, making sure your feet stay stable in the tiny nooks in the rocks, holding onto little pieces of rock to proceed, I gained more altitude.

This was a scary, adrenaline filled climb but still one of my favourites. Below is the GoPro footage, enjoy.